Simo Hayha: The Deadliest Soldier in WW2

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Simo Hayha: The Deadliest Soldier in WW2 essay
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Simo Häyhä…. If the name does not send shivers down your spine then it will soon. Simo had the biggest kill count in the second world war. He earned that title with nothing but a sniper rifle(Vic Thomas) and a subMachine gun (SMG DUX 53).

He currently holds the record for most confirmed kills in World War II. From joyful too depressed, and suicidal; this is the story of Simo Häyhä. Simo was a family man… though that would not last for long. This is said because at the time of the war Simo’s family was sick. They had a disease called Cholera which they died of while he was in the war, but this will be mentioned in greater detail later. While they were dying he spent as much time as he could with them before the war. He said in an interview “i used to sing a march to my son every night, it was called Kova Kävella. ”

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The interviewer asked how he got so good outside of war, and he replied with one word. ”Practice. ” Then laughed. Simo was a family man yes, but most people know him for his war life. Let’s start with he is most famous for his sniping. Simo used only iron sights which he said he used for. “focus and stealth. ” he used iron sights and got about 600 confirmed kills. This is impressive no doubt but no one ever talks about his kills with a SMG.

This happened during Simo’s crack where he wanted to die when his family died. He proceeded to rush into a soviet camp hoping to die but he ran into a bunch of drunk red army soldiers. But Simo did not do all of this alone he had a partner in crime. His name is Sulo Kolkka, and he is the the 2nd most deadly finish sniper who became friends with Simo through the war. But to wrap things up, In an interview Simo was asked one question “why?” he replied “Why not” then laughed Then said “ no, no, no it was to serve my country. ”

A true Patriot, but furthermore to top all of this he celebrated his victory with a bottle of vodka and some skis. Now what was the devastating war that Simo was in. this war is known as the winter war, which was the soviets wanting more land for the U. S. S. R. Now something bothering people is Why not send more troops. Well the truth is they were scared. Imagine this you have lost about two thousand soldiers in here seven hundred to one man.

Another thing that people want to know is why was it so easy to kill the red army, and the answer is simple. They were drunk. This was proven when a survivor was asked what happened in the tents and he said. ”they gave us ten liters of vodka a day those were the most fun 116 days of war. ” Now of course the countries are on equal terms now. So there he is the most deadly man in World War Two. He loved his family and loved his country. Using his sniper, and SMG he secured the 700 kills that gave him the title died at the age of ninety six. But i think Simo is not a murderer. He is not a hero. He is just a man who wanted to serve his country.

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The essay provides a brief overview of Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper with a notable kill count during World War II. The author highlights his family background, motivations, and achievements in a concise manner. The narrative could benefit from improved organization and depth, as well as clearer transitions between different aspects of Häyhä's life. While the essay touches on important points, it lacks detailed analysis and contextualization of Häyhä's role in the Winter War. Expanding on his impact on the war and the historical context would enhance the essay's comprehensiveness and depth.
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Structural Coherence: Organize the essay with clear paragraphs focusing on different aspects of Simo Häyhä's life, such as his family, sniping skills, achievements, and role in the Winter War. Historical Context: Provide more information about the Winter War, its significance, and the broader historical context in which Häyhä operated. Explain the reasons for the conflict and the role of different countries involved. In-depth Analysis: Elaborate on Häyhä's impact on the Winter War and the strategies he employed. Discuss the implications of his sniping skills on the battlefield and their influence on the war's outcome. Transitions: Ensure smooth transitions between different sections of the essay to create a cohesive narrative that follows Häyhä's life and achievements logically.
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