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Women as Victims in a Patriarchal World in 'The Bloody Chamber'

It can be argued that Angela Carter only ever presents women as victims in a patriarchal world in The Bloody Chamber Collection. Carter implements this through nuanced female characters, many derived from fairy tales giving opportunity for the feminist lens to decipher the prevalence of...

From Barbe Bleue to The Bloody Chamber: an Interpretation of Angela Carter's Rewriting

Introduction English writer Angela Carter (1940-1992), offers with her work an interesting example of how a reflection on themes concerning the representation of the feminine in the symbolic order and the position of the woman in the context of western societies, can be conducted not...

An exploration of power in 'The Bloody Chamber' and 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

Power is an extremely prevalent theme within the gothic genre, whether it’s to do with sexuality, physical power, social class, gender or power over others. It allows writers the freedom to explore a more erotic sexuality or explicit violence that wouldn’t otherwise be acceptable. Both...

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