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The Social Responsibility of the Educators and Education Department

Educators are the greatest resource in society due to the fact that every individual within society has received their first foundation/start-up to be successful in life due to them. Educators are the power tools in society, the better they are at doing their jobs the...

The UNESCO's Efforts in the Department of Art Education

This paper was written as a resource document to state and prove that the South African department of education has implemented UNESCO’s recommendations for arts education in the foundation phase curriculum. In this writing there are various sources to state and support why I agree...

Why No Homework Policy Is Harmful to Both Students and Teachers

The position of the Department of Education (DepEd) the 'No homework Policy' is one of the most burning issues these days. The Senate Bill 966 or the ' Proposed No Homework Law' was file on August 27,2019 by senator Grace Poe. The bill states that...

The Advantages of Studying at the Department of Education

Why study at the Department of Education and training? The Department offer programmes which are aligned with regulatory bodies as well as Institutes of repute. The programes are designed to meet the challenges and future career perspectives for its stakeholders keeping in view of the...

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