Essay Samples on War on Drugs

Declaration of the War on Drugs and Its Failure

Drugs in our world have been used for centuries, yet have been illegal for one 1% of our time. In 1971, President Nixon declared drug abuse to be public enemy number one. Tv shows and social media made it clear that drug dealers and cartels...

The Solution to the War on Drugs and Illegal Prescription

The War on Drugs is an articulation used to suggest an organization drove movement that hopes to stop unlawful prescription use, assignment, and trade by extending and actualizing disciplines for transgressors. The advancement started amid the 1970s is up ’til now propelling today. Consistently, people...

Drugs And Its Toxicity For Human Health

Drugs are substances if when taken decreases the rate of malady. These substances are configuration to fix and take out the hidden reason for infection. Most time drugs are utilized heedlessly by shoppers without understanding its unfavorable impact. Take for example, paracetamol, a medication known...

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