Essay Samples on Federal Government

Ideal Good Citizen In A Totalitarian Government

Why would any person or government suppress its own people? Throughout history, different forms of government have been developed with varying intentions. The leaders in these governments adopt ideologies that may either promote an inclusive government where citizens are involved in the decision making or...

What War On Drugs Is

Drugs have been utilized for a tremendous number of years, and have been constrained for under 1% of that time. The present War on Drugs has effectively affected society financially and socially. The remedy anticipation endeavors have had little impact on the stockpile of unlawful...

Effectiveness Of War On Drugs

I am against the war on drugs imposed by the Duterte administration that promised the whole nation six months to ward off drugs that only resulted in extrajudicial killings and blood-stained streets. We have two stances in which we explain why we are against the...

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