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Racial Inequality: the Changing Role of American Federal Government

Throughout history, our country has faced one problem - Racial inequality. From the very beginning, our country has been built on immigration, but we as a nation tend to forget that. With time has been proven that white male supremacy is one of the oldest...

Federal Government Responsibility for Issues in HealthCare

The health care system in America today is at best a failing system. One both ends of the spectrum we have people who are unable to pay for incilen, prescriptions, and the pharmaceutical companies who abuse the free market and can charge any price they...

The Loss of Sense of Control: the State of American Government

In the U.S. Constitution, Article Ten says “And yet, Trump decided to have a shutdown over his stupid border wall. In recent times, the U.S government has failed to pass laws and create changes without over half the country hating on it. And on top...

The Issue of Financial Indistinctness of the US Federal Government

Budget, allocation of resources, and overspending are all viable issues that are plaguing the United State federal government. Amidst congressional debates and the government shutting down at an alarming rate, the government should be more transparent in showing its constituents how it spends their hard-earned...

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