Why No Homework Policy Is Harmful to Both Students and Teachers

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The position of the Department of Education (DepEd) the 'No homework Policy' is one of the most burning issues these days. The Senate Bill 966 or the ' Proposed No Homework Law' was file on August 27,2019 by senator Grace Poe. The bill states that all primary and secondary students in the country shall not allow teachers to give any networks or assignments to students from kindergarten to Grade 12 on weekends.

So basically this bill is banning teachers from giving assignments or homeworks from Kindergarten to Grade 12 on weekends. Under the propose measure, the teachers the only assign homeworks to students on weekends provided that it should be minimal and will not require more than 4 hours to be completed.

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However teachers dignity coalition rejected in the propose banned on homework and says that 'Our teachers are trained educators. We know the value of homework. It's about discipline, responsibility and continuity of learning. '

So as a student, i am not favor with this bill because based on my experience, homeworks and projects are the one of the things that bond our family. My little sister and my mom we have each other and by that we create a strong relationships with them, because nowadays it's hard to communicate with each other, because sometimes they are busy on their works and there is an implementation of technology and social media. So that, No to homework policy, i'm strongly disagree because homework is a vital part of our education. Homework improves memory and ability to work independently, it also gives the students opportunity to retain or revise what has been done in the class or consolidates the students understanding of the lesson.

Another significant thought, many students say that they have no time to do that task, but that is due to lack of prioritizing and time managing. Because doing homework allows students to learn how to manage their time and make learn how to prioritize their responsibilities so that, it increase their organization and time management skills to do something that is more productive outside the school.

So we should not considered homework as a burden. Because teachers gave us homework to learn more and to be a competent leader in the global society. Because learning is not just stop in four corner of the classroom. Learning is an going process that help us to understand that there are things that we learn in our school that we can adapt and use in our life situation.

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