Students Should Have Homework: My Opinion on No Homework Policy

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The 'No Homework Policy' is a program developed by the Department of Education. It states that every Friday, teachers are not allowed to give their students homework to serve as their rest day aside from weekends. Different reactions and opinions have spoken to the congress, school and etc. There are some who agreed and disagreed. Is it right to approve the law? Or it will just cause disadvantages to the students? Some people that agree with that law said that having this law can give students more quality time with their family and friends and allows students to find the balance between their academic development and self-development. But, however, I totally oppose this program due to various reasons that I'll state in the following paragraphs and I think students should have homework.

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Some of us students are talking about the current issue which is the 'No Homework Policy. And most of them are in favor of the 'No Homework Policy'. They said that homework is the reason why they are having depression and stress because of a lot of paper school work that they need to do. They can't enjoy their free time because of a lot of assignments. And they said that they getting away with their 'quality time' to spend with their family, friends, and love once.

But as a student, I just want to share my side about this issue. I think it should not be approved. Because for me Homework is important. Why? Because having homework is one of the ways to go back to what we learned before. And homework is one of the best ways to come up with a lot of information. And also it can help us to learn more things. And for me, it's not bad to have an assignment for one day in a week. Because if we have homework we can learn how to open our notebooks or books. Unless we don't have assignments, there is attainable time to spend on the nonsense things like the Internet, mobile games, chatting, texting, watching videos on YouTube, and other things. I didn't say that mobile games, chatting, or even texting are bad. Yes, mobile games and using social media applications is the best way to let go of our stress but not all the time we can use our quality time the gadgets to play games or chat. In my own perspective homework is the daily responsibility of every student in the world. And also on the part of teachers, it is unfair. Why? Because they get that job because they want to share their knowledge and for some of them, that job is their dream. And it's their responsibility to make a student respond to their study so they can give assignments. But because of that law, the teacher is afraid because if they give a task or what we call 'homework' there go to jail. It's really unfair on their part.

First of all, having no homework will enhance their tardiness and time using their gadgets. Instead of reading and studying the lessons for the week, students will invest more of their time playing and posting on their social media accounts. Second, it will not make their study habits effective since it requires habitual practice to be effective, especially for college students who are working for their dreams. Third is, if this will be continually implemented, students will not be motivated enough to study and they will be contented in wasting their time rather than saving it and using it effectively.

Thus, I would like to oppose this program based on the factors stated above since I do believe that this will not enhance the student's morale regarding their studies. Lastly, assignments or homework is not a hindrance to making your life happy but it is the way to make us resourceful people. 

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