Essay Samples on Learning

How Studying Abroad Changes the Personality of a Student

Acknowledgment This research was proudly supported by Emirates National Schools, the researcher is grateful and thankful for the opportunity they had provided with this research that astoundingly gained a lot of more knowledge for the researcher. The hard-working researcher would like to acknowledge with respect…

Strategies and Challenges of Studying Abroad

Introduction Doesn’t studying abroad sound very exciting? In an increasingly globalized environment and economy, study abroad programs offer considerable potential to benefit students. Studying abroad can be defined simply as going to another country and learning — taking classes there and pursuing whatever academically you…

Advantages and Challenges of E-Learning

Introduction E-learning or electronic learning is changing the educational scenario rapidly, Learning is a part of life and every day we learn new things. The moment we stop learning, we meet an end. In today’s technological and dynamic environment, we have the latest trends growing…

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