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Strategies to Solve Speaking Problems Among Students

This article discusses primary issues of teaching and learning speaking basically in intermediate level of English classes. Such problems as shyness, inhibition, lack of time and environment to practice speaking were indentified with the help of surveys conducted among 140 students. However challenging the educating…

Contribution of Internship to Student Development

Dr. Michael Aamodt, an Industrial-Organizational psychologist, has defined internship as “a situation in which a student works for an organization, either for a pay or as a volunteer, to receive practical work experience.” An internship experience can help students make the connection between their academic…

The Class Reflection on the Student Class Participation

The theories included in the study were the Force-filed theory and Expectancy-value theory. Lewin’s force field analysis describes two main forces; driving and restraining forces (Lewin, 1951). Driving forces are those seeking change whilst restraining forces are those seeking to maintain the status quo (Bozak,…

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