Reasons Why You Should Go To College 

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Many parents have the mindset that a person who does not go to college will eventually fail in life. That perhaps is the reason why most parents pressure their sons and daughters to get a college degree. It is understandable that a parent would want their children to succeed in life, but is college the best way for everybody to achieve success in life? What about the other people, the ones who does not have an opportunity nor have the right skills to succeed in college and why you should go to college at all? It is true that college education can bring great benefits for many people, not everyone is suitable for attending college.

Self-education will take less time than the traditional four years of college. Thousands of applicants who want to study journalism, management, design, IT, and many other disciplines can pay for online courses and even get certifications. Moreover, these certifications are even more convincing for potential employers if an online school has a good reputation.

For other people, going to college is the opportunity to postpone their adult life. Although college students are more independent than high schoolers, the majority of them still depend on their parents. In such a manner, college can be the first step to independence, but it will not prepare young people for all the struggles of the “real” world.

Finally, graduating from top colleges, such as Princeton, Harvard, or Columbia, opens many doors. Studying in a prestigious college is indeed a perfect opportunity for networking and building your reputation. However, getting into top colleges is not available for everyone: the best students from all over the world compete for the honor to become a part of these elite communities.

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Obviously, those reasons are not enough to consider a prestigious college a single opportunity for American youth. So why should not everyone go to college, and what alternatives should applicants consider?

If school graduates have difficulties with choosing a career path, then the internship is the best option. In fact, an intern still depends on parents, as he or she receives no money or minimal salary. The work experience that a student gets during the internship is valued even more than a diploma. In addition, an internship will help to understand whether a graduate is interested in this career or not.

In case students have already picked their sphere of interests, they can apply for an entry-level job to try their hand. Not all companies are ready to hire applicants without a college diploma, but some of them are ready to interview even the youngest candidates. A four-year work experience is definitely more appreciated than a diploma. Besides, good employees don’t remain in junior positions for a long time.

One more alternative is to pay for private courses. A great advantage of this type of education is an absence of obligatory disciplines and lectures. Students study exactly what they want and do not waste time. A few months of high-quality courses is equal to a year or two of college. Plus, students may also take advantage of the new connections, as private courses hire good specialists who can become their future employers.

American society keeps changing, and young people have to be adaptable. Although going to college has a few advantages, high school graduates have alternatives that they should consider before applying.

 Internship, work, or private courses can give graduates as many opportunities as a classical college. Modern youth should not stick to obsolete rules when choosing their path to success.

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