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Student Pressure During the University Application and Studies

Every student takes the SAT or scholastic aptitude test during eleventh grade in high school which plays a major part in which college acceptance. A survey conducted by National Center for Education Statistics in 2017 found that the average score of a black high school...

Misconceptions About the Typical American College

Education is important and every person should obtain an education while growing up. However, the stereotype of going to college is not as common as it used to and has changed over time. This generation has adapted and made changes to beliefs of college being...

The Disadvantages of Applying to and Studying in the Yale University

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There are 4,462 international students and scholars attending Yale University. That is the approximate amount accounted in year 2016 alone. Yale University is one of the top Ivy League colleges around. With an average GPA of 4.19 and a 2265 on the SAT’s the chances...

Proposal of a New Admission System That Would Replace Affirmative Action

Imagine for a second that you are applying to an “Ivy League” school. You have worked tirelessly to get to the top of your class. However, only the “best” candidates are selected for admission. Weeks pass by, and at long last, you receive a response...

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