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Impact Of Student Loans On Student's Life And The Financial Value Of A Degree

Erin Velez, Melissa Cominole & Alexander Bentz (2019) Debt burden after college: the effect of student loan debt on graduates’ employment, additional schooling, family formation, and home ownership Articles core question- How does debt affect students' lives after earning their bachelors’ degree Research method Longitudinal...

Beneficial Role of Mentor in a Student’s Life

Have the thought of finding a mentor ever crossed your mind? Often there are times when students seem perplexed looking at the various career opportunities the world has to offer. Everything seems so overwhelming, that it becomes difficult to choose the right career path. No...

Balancing Life, Work and Studying in Student's Life

Students engaging in part time work while studying is becoming increasingly common. A study conducted by Lucas & Lammont 1998, found that students who work part time could develop skills such a teamwork, communication, customer care and practical skills. “Work-Life Balance does not mean an...

Struggles in the Life of a Senior High School Student

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Have you ever thought what kind of life a senior high school student has? To be an SHS student, it signifies having the kind of capability to surpass and conquer the typical struggles and obstacles which a normal student would face. One of the capabilities...

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