Struggles in the Life of a Senior High School Student

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Struggles in the Life of a Senior High School Student essay
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Have you ever thought what kind of life a senior high school student has? To be an SHS student, it signifies having the kind of capability to surpass and conquer the typical struggles and obstacles which a normal student would face. One of the capabilities is to study hard and do our best for us to graduate and receive a diploma, also the capability to deal with our terror teachers, and so on. But what are the particular struggles and obstacles that an SHS student would encounter?

A student who encounters struggles and obstacles in school is one of the major factors that determine the life of a senior high school student. There are lots of students who have difficulties when it comes on being attentive while their class is on-going, and this just determines an SHS student in view of the fact that they are not able to understand the data and contents given to them. Another thing that determines an SHS student is the way they communicate and socialize. There are students who are not that capable of socializing with others or the ones that are introvert and this become an obstruction in their school works and as a result, this kind of situation can have a bad impact on their grades. There are also SHS students including myself who usually cram and procrastinate to do the requirements given to them which results to the students to hurriedly do their take-home outputs and activities, therefore, the student would not be able to show or bring out his or her full potential and capability. When I first entered senior high school, the first thing that entered my mind is that I can’t go through on being an SHS student without experiencing difficulties. Others think that everyone who is in the STEM strand is smart, but they don’t know what we are going through in our strand. Hence, we are forced to study hard for us to meet the expectations by the people around us.

So as a senior high school student, I can’t deny the fact that our life in school is not that easy. There are struggles and obstacles that we are able to overcome. Every sleepless nights that we had due to the requirements, assignments, and projects that we need to pass the other day. It’s very hard for us especially that we need to adjust ourselves because there is a big difference between the life we had in junior high and our life now on being an SHS student. Thus, if you are able to conquer these difficulties, then you will be able to become an effective student and you may also turn to be a professional someday as well.

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The essay discusses the challenges and obstacles faced by senior high school (SHS) students. It highlights the importance of hard work, communication skills, and time management in overcoming these difficulties. The author shares personal experiences and reflections, making the essay relatable to fellow students. However, the essay could benefit from more structure and depth. The points raised are valid, but they lack elaboration and exploration. Expanding on specific instances of challenges and providing insights into strategies for overcoming them would enhance the essay's impact. Additionally, improving sentence variety and transitions between paragraphs would create a smoother flow.
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What can be improved
Structure: Organize the essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion for a clearer flow of ideas. Elaboration: Expand on specific examples of challenges faced and strategies employed to overcome them. Insights: Provide deeper insights into the emotional and psychological aspects of dealing with challenges as an SHS student. Sentence Variety: Use a mix of sentence structures to maintain reader engagement and variety. Transitions: Employ transitional phrases to enhance the coherence between different sections of the essay.
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Struggles in the Life of a Senior High School Student essay

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