Essay Samples on High School

Senior High School Life

Have you ever thought what kind of life a senior high school student has? To be an SHS student, it signifies having the kind of capability to surpass and conquer the typical struggles and obstacles which a normal student would face. One of the capabilities…

Trapped At Home: The Consequences Of Homeschooling

Throughout the years there have been many controversies whether homeschooling has a beneficial effect on children across the country. Studies show that depriving a child of social experiences they would receive in a traditional school has numerous side effects. More parents are choosing to homeschool…

A Movie Night In School

We have many great things at Duluth High School. We have a wide variety of sports, and clubs to get involved in. We have vending machines and the school store, where you can buy chips, and drinks. We also have a large number of wonderful…

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