How Well Do High Schools Prepare Teens for Life after Graduation

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I knew that high schools did not teach teens how to do any checks, bills, etc. To begin with, did school teach you how to do any of those before you graduated? Schools do not get teens ready for the life of adulthood. I choose this topic because not many people talk about this and thought it would be good to conduct some research and dig a little deeper. Therefore according to statistics 83% of college seniors graduated without getting a job. If they do get a job then it’s low wage, part time or not related to their career. The sources I used in this research were Scholastics, newspapers,

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The most resourceful one was the newspaper because it had facts and gave stories about real life experiences. Also I had some failures. In the beginning I didn’t have many sources to gather information I needed. My teacher was a great help for throwing in some really great sources. I did have a setback and that was time. I needed more time to gather more useful information. Also, I had trouble with the interviews because I didn’t know a lot of people that had finished high school and if they did then they were out of state. So I interviewed someone that is graduating from a high school this year.

Secondly, my topic changed a few times because I couldn’t decide on what to write about, so I decided to go with one that relates to me so it could be a easier.I believe my thesis does support my overall research questions because of my findings. As this mother states that her daughter went to school and still doesn’t know what she wants to be when shes out, “I asked myself this exact question when I realized that my eldest daughter, a recent college graduate, had no idea what the world was about to demand of her. She had gone to a good school and done well as a student, but had never thought about her future in a structured way, and I realized what she was missing an education in career training.” (Carpenter A17 ).

Therefore the most success I had on this paper was the interview. It gave me so much information and real life experiences about how his job would have been more easier if high school could have taught him about insurance and taxes.
To wrap it all up, next time I do a research paper I would spend more time on it and think about the topic. My final thoughts on this paper was interesting, it was tough but as you can see high schools don’t prepare teens for life after high school.

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