Essay Samples on Classroom

Differentiated Instruction Strategies In The Classroom

Accepting the child for who he is In order to accept the child for whom he/she is, the HEP educator must have the capacity to suspend the flaring up of his or her own impulses, issues, and negative reactions. Students are highly skilled at reading…

Movies As An Influential Capacity Of The Classroom

I appreciated your scenario and after reading it, so many views overwhelmed my mind and I would like to share a few of my views with you. While many teachers utilize various teaching methods in their classrooms, one tool that many teachers utilize, no matter…

Principles And Steps In Applying Positive Discipline

Positive discipline is defined as type of discipline using positive alternatives and non-violent methods—is based on seven key principles which can act as classroom rules for you in your role as the teacher or leader. They are as follows: respecting students dignity. developing pro-social behavior…

Safety Assessments In The Classroom Setting

In this essay, the safety assessments observed will be discussed and evaluated. The California Childcare Health Program (CCHP) Health and Safety Checklist was used to assess the safety of the classroom setting. Emergency Prevention and Poisons The first safety assessment was emergency prevention and poisons….

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