A Piece On What I Learned From My English Class

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English is a subject where you learn to improve your English language and literature as well as your writing skill. During my second year of English on university I have learned different listening, writing and skills. What we did this year in English improve the way I speak, the way I write and improved my background knowledge of English. I feel that there should be more focus on the methodology of each subject in general. English this year was outstanding and also improved my word knowledge, what we learned was something I wanted to know, the interaction that was done through group work was great! More skills should be learned during this learning area, such as to improve your vocabulary. These are the things I struggle with and would like to be informed about it. The group engagement was one of the best things, although at the beginning of the project it seems as if extra tasks that was added to you and more responsibilities, but as the weeks months past I really enjoyed the project at all. 

Overall English class established a wider range of English skills for me threw out the year. This course provides many ways of improving our reading. I have not only developed my previous skills in this course, I have also learned new concepts in reading. I knew that my writing was bad before I took the class and I always tried to make it better; but I didn’t know how and in what ways I would improve writing. I therefore joined this course in an attempt to improve my writing and achieved my objective despite the fact that improvement remains possible. At this point I have studied the elements of good writing and now I can identify the various techniques which can work together to describe effective writing. 

The more I read, the more productive I felt, particularly since the default word count for most of my written activities could hardly be complied with. I used definitions of words instead of precise words to make my paper longer to accomplish the lowest count of words. Nonetheless, I have found that wordiness doesn’t necessarily make our writing in this class compelling and successful. Concise interpretation and precision led me to know that each word is intended to reinforce our claims. This descriptive interpretation will strengthen my writing in any possible field. Request for jobs, popular literature, authors, op-eds, forums and media–even announcements of missing people have to be updated so that the final work is done–is also very necessary for us. At last, for all your hard work for us, I want to thank you. My experience and expertise in this class can support me in a variety of ways 

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