Self-Evaluation On Second Course English: Personal Experience

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Student self-evaluation is the process through which student seeks to understand and access their value by making their own. In the English 2 course, I as should make a self-evaluation on 21-century skills. There are four topics that students should evaluate, effective communication, management of self and learning, critical thinking, and web-based research.

The first topic is communicating effectively. Before taking the course my knowledge about effective communication was confined to the way how people speak with each other. However, I have learned more information about communicating effectively, like body language, and how to be a good listener, which I showed in this blog. additionally, I have learned the discussion style while arguing between colleagues also between friends, which I showed here.

The second topic is the management of self and learning. In the English 2 course, I have learned several things about management elements. For example, as a working and married student, time management is important to give each part a suitable time. Because of that, I have learned how to create a study plan here. Also, I have learned to write reflections about what we learn in the class here or after taking the exam, they’ll be able to set targets that they hope will achieve with the new information they’ve learned about themselves on this blog. Furthermore, on this topic, I have learned how to test my progress on my weak area or the topic which needs more practice, for example, the English language vocabulary size, which I showed in this blog and this blog.

The third topic is critical thinking. In this topic, I have learned very important things, such as, analyzing, finding make by solutions, and thinking out of the box about my learning process, which I demonstrated in this blog post

The fourth topic is web-based research. In this topic, I have learned new things about web search criteria, especially for academic purposes. One of the important things is the CRAP technique to making reliable research. It is an alternative for (Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose.). These methods are very important to make reliable academic research (see post). Besides, I have learned the benefits of using Google tools, and how I developed from the past to the present in terms of searching here.

To conclude, although the English 2 course is about the English language, start from identifying their weaknesses and strength or advantages and disadvantages. As a result, students become more acquainted with their views or beliefs, and potentially their prejudices. It added great academic values, and much new information about 21-century skills, which I believe that every student needs not just in study purposes but in our general life.

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