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Language Preferences In Bilingual Education For People With Dementia

Life expectancies have increased significantly during the past century which has resulted in more elderly people in the social spectrum with improved health systems. Effective communication is central to an older person’s wellbeing. It involves the adequate production and reception of a message, congruity between...

Bilingual Education For Deaf Students

The purpose of this study will be to determine if the use of ASL/English bilingualism, promotes literacy in deaf and hard-of-hearing students. This literature review will begin with an overview of bilingual education, followed by a discussion on the benefits and advantages of bilingual practice...

Impact Of Bilingualism On Education

To effectively analyze the data, the differences in language growth for monolinguals and bilinguals should be distinguished. There are many theories on the development of language for both monolinguals and bilinguals. Bilingual children produce their first syllables around birth which is the same for monolinguals...

The Connection of Code-Switching and Bilingualism

Code-switching is the ability for bilinguals to alternate their linguistic codes in the same conversation. Through this definition, code-switching evolved in research on different types of code-switching. These can include code-switching as being a sentence filler, expressing an attitude, and being appropriate with grammar (Toribio,...

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