Essay Samples on Space Exploration

The Usage and Separation of Mercury Species

Mercury (Hg) has been discovered and used by mankind for over 2000 years and has been used as a drug, preservative and fungicide [17]. Mercury mineral Cinnabar (Hg(II) sulphide) was used for decorating temples and palaces for years because of its bright red/orange colour pigment…

A Brief Look at the Neptune's Satellite, Triton

For the first time, astronomers discovered that extreme conditions in Neptune’s largest moon, Triton, caused two gases to undergo an extraordinary union. Their discovery has been the ices comprised of carbon monoxide and nitrogen mixture. An international team of astronomers found the carbon monoxide and…

Possible Risks During the Space Exploration

Space exploration has been around for a while now and it has been an amazing achievement but it was not really necessary. See space exploration is extremely expensive. So if one thinks about it that money could be used for other things for example medical…

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