Understanding the Possible Biology and Anatomy of Alien's Body

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The crash of the aliens from a distant planet in London has allowed us for the first time to have access to the green blood of aliens. With the availability of such a large sample, it is important that the correct procedures are taken to analyse the blood to discover more about the biochemistry behind it. It is well known that blood is central to the human body system. It carries oxygen to the tissues of the body and takes away carbon dioxide from the body. It has a vital function for humans and although blood is a green liquid for aliens, it may still be just as important. The reasons behind this and much more can be discovered using biochemical techniques. Biochemical techniques are ways in which we can analyse substances found in living organisms and in chemical reactions. This can range from a series of methods and assays such as chromatography to separate the components of blood, and light microscopy to look at cells. These techniques can all be used in different ways to give us a better understanding of the alien’s green blood and allows us to compare it to the blood in humans to see how similar they are in structure and function.

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Chromatography is one biochemical technique that can be used to find out the different compounds that make up the blood. Chromatography is good at separating different compounds present in a mixture meaning it will be an effective way to analyse what makes up the alien’s green blood. This would work by dissolving the green blood into a mobile phase. This carries the blood through the stationary phase where the different components of blood travel at different speeds causing them to separate. By using chromatography, we will then also be able to compare the different compounds that make up the alien’s blood to the different compounds that make up human blood and see how similar or different the two are. After separating the different components of blood using chromatography, we can use another biochemical technique known as infrared spectroscopy. Infrared spectroscopy is good at showing what functional groups are present in each of the different compounds that are present in the alien’s green blood which we found out using chromatography. Also, finding out the different functional groups present in the compounds in the alien’s blood will give us a better understanding how reactive the compounds are compared to those present in the human blood.

Overall, without blood the human body cannot function and based on the large sample of alien blood obtained, it is likely that blood is just as important aliens even if there are some differences regarding what makes up the blood. Biochemical techniques can help uncover that the way human’s and aliens’ function may not be so different because both contain blood which are very similar meaning the way the bodies operate could also be the same

An alternative to using biochemical techniques is using computational approaches such as homology modelling. Homology modelling can be used to analyse any unknown proteins present in the alien’s blood. This method analyses the sequence of the unknown protein against a known structure to measure the level of sequence homology. From this, the structure of the unknown protein can be discovered. However, homology models cannot predict side chain positions accurately meaning that they may not be as good as biochemical techniques such as infrared spectroscopy where you can identify the different functional groups present in the compound. This shows, that although there are other approaches available, using biochemical techniques which is an experimental approach would give the most relevant information to give us a better understanding of the alien’s green blood. The findings will provide a whole new depth of knowledge in the biochemistry field as this is something that has never been come across before meaning the findings will act as one of the most historical moments in biochemistry. It could be likely that biochemical techniques have never been used to analyse something more important than this showing the scale at which the task of analysing the green blood of aliens is at.

To analyse what the alien’s green blood contains, light microscopy can be used. This is a good biochemical technique is used to look for cells in the blood. It is known that human blood contains red blood cells which carry oxygen. This means light microscopy can be used to look for whether alien blood contain green blood cells. If this was the case, the use of light microscopy can provide information which explains why the alien blood is green. Light microscopy can also be used to compare how similar the alien’s blood is to the human’s blood by being able to see if they contain any of the same cells which have the same function in both systems such as white blood cells. Looking in the wider context, it can also be used to uncover new types of cells which have not been seen in humans which could improve the knowledge in the scientific field.

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