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Determination of Aspirin Concentration by Back Titration

Abstract Back titration was the method used to determine the concentration of aspirin by reacting it with known amount of excess base. Aspirin- chemically known as acetyl salicylic acid is a weak acid undergoing slow hydrolysis where one molecule of aspirin reacting with two hydroxide...

Redox Titration of Mohr's Salt Solution With Potassium Permanganate

Introduction Titration is a process in which the concentration of an unknown acid or base is determined using the known molarity of another acid or base. This process includes taking a solution, known as the titrant, and slowly adding it to the unknown solution -the...

The Process of Titration in Vinegar Acid Reaction

As vinegar is a common household ingredient to use in food and everyday life, I predicted that there would be around 5% ethanoic acid composition in vinegar. My hypothesis was not as strongly supported as it could have been, as the final percentage of ethanoic...

An Examination of the Process of Titration

Introduction Titration is defined as being a common lab method of chemical analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of an acidic or basic solution. Properties behind titration include a quantity of a base being added in small increments to a quantity of...

A Demonstration of the Titration Process in a Lab

Part A and B demonstrate the variations between results in phenolphthalein and methyl orange indicator. Based on the titrations in Part A and Part B (sections in order to figure out how to investigate the unknown amount of an acid or base in a solution)...

Evaluating the Solubility Product Constant of an Ionic Salt from Titrations

Calculating Ksp of an Ionic Salt from Titrations Introduction Different substances dissolve to different degrees in water. Some ionic salts may completely dissociate into their ions, while some salts may only partially dissociate. The degree to which a substance is soluble in water is called...

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