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A Contradictious Idea of Time Travel in Ray Bradbury A Sound of Thunder

The short story “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury is about a group of people who time travel millions of years into the past to hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The company, known as “Time Safari, Inc,” has a strict set of rules that involve...

The Digital Transofrmation of Traveling: Time Travel

Travel went digital first and a long time. The magnitude of Digital Travel will reach over $800 billion $ by 2020 according to the 2018 PhocusWire report. Today’s travelers are mostly inspired and driven by online channels including OTAs, TripAdvisor, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many...

Exploring the Technicalities of Time Travel in Interstellar Travel

Interstellar travel is the idea of travel from one star system or planetary system to another through means of either crewed or unscrewed spacecrafts. Such a feat would be exceptionally difficult. For example, interplanetary travel within our own solar system is generally under 30 AU...

The Travel Literature Genre: Utopian Time Travel

The utopian travel texts selected for this study are divided into two categories according to the closeness and remoteness of their ‘utopias’ to reality, hence a part is devoted to fantastic utopias and the other one deals with colonial utopias. These are preceded by a...

Travel Time In Singapore's Public Transport

Singapore’s Public Transport system is evolving to provide better service, comfortable and seamless transit journeys to its passengers. A report by the consulting firm McKinsy suggests that Residents in Singapore are highly satisfied with the public transport system, which is among the best in the...

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