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Science Behind the Changing Earth

The advancement and knowledge on the plate tectonics theory was a very important asset to biogeography, it provided a foundation for our understanding of our ever-evolving planet. The theory provided our understanding on the landmasses that inhabit this world as well as the ocean basins....

The Complexity of Geology of Lebanon

Lebanon is located at the intersection of the African, Arabian, and Eurasian tectonic plates. Because of the intersection of the three plates happens here, the region has a complex history and an interesting geography. Lebanon has three major mountain ranges: Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, and...

A Study of Volcano Seismology: Forecast and Monitoring

Volcanic systems have always been regarded as a challenging issue for earth scientists and other academic staffs. Their natural behaviour and characteristic features are so complex to assess. Since volcanic activities are very often unpredicted and uncontrollable in some cases, whilst doing volcanic hazard assessment...

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