Essay Samples on Evolution

Origin and Domestication of Yellow Corn and Bread Making

The starting place and growing of yellow corn has been a problem in evolution; even though maximum scientists accept as true with the crop originated from Mexico, other scientists have additionally proposed multiple- origins of the crop; based totally on studies on chromosome knob positions…

An Evolutionary Take On Humor and Laughter

 Despite the common assumption that most times people laugh is in response to a joke, laughter is more often a function of the human need to feel a sense of connection to others, a way of feeling like one belongs. Studying its origin in primates…

Lone Survivors and the Portrayal of the Human Journey

A million years ago, our Homo erectus ancestors consisted of maybe 20,000 breeding individuals, according to wizards who speculate on the hidden secrets of DNA. This is similar to the current population of chimpanzees or gorillas. The ancestors lived in scattered pockets of Africa, at…

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