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History Of Evolution Of The Modern Computers

There are some aspects you just can’t live without. These include food, water, air and many more. One the most commonly used and important is the computer which most people don’t acknowledge. They are everywhere mobile phones, fridges, washing machines, cars and practically all around...

Origins Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Implementation In Facebook

Definition “Artificial intelligence means simulation of human elements by machines/ computers, where they acquire information (learning), process it to reach reasonable conclusions (action). It leverages various technologies like machine/deep learning, vision, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), robots, or autonomous machines, etc, for delivering better results.” (Artificial Intelligence...

Imitation Game: The Significance of Alan Turing to the WWII

The film The Imitation Game both possess limitations and benefits of its representation of an historical figure. In evaluating the film’s representation of the past there are many key issues to be discussed which include the essential questions about how and why the film has...

The Sociology of Human Relations in The Imitation Game

Friendship is one of the most important and valuable things in our lives. It lets us measure a person. Companionship is essential for the psychological wellbeing of every person. All relationships are formed through the mutual regard of individuals with affection, trust, and respect. The...

Alan Turing: The Father of Modern Computer Science

The computers today are extremely advanced. They have progressed far faster than scientists years ago would have even dreamed. A lot of the things that Science Fiction movies used as gags that seemed impossible back when they were created are now realities. Just look at...

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