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A Brief Look at the Neptune's Satellite, Triton

For the first time, astronomers discovered that extreme conditions in Neptune's largest moon, Triton, caused two gases to undergo an extraordinary union. Their discovery has been the ices comprised of carbon monoxide and nitrogen mixture. An international team of astronomers found the carbon monoxide and...

An Essay on the Origin and Development of Earth

Origin and Evolution of Earth The earth is an active place. Earthquakes tear along plate boundaries, volcanoes erupt a molten lava fountain, and mountain ranges and undersea are constantly created and destroyed. Earth scientists have long been interested in deciphering the history of this active...

An Analysis of Triton's Composition and Orbit

The gas giants of our solar system appear to have a specific gift of accreting or capturing large numbers of moons of varying sizes and characteristics. Coincidentally, the moons that are far more interesting than our own, having extremely interesting characteristics, such as atmospheres, constant...

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