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A Study of Volcano Seismology: Forecast and Monitoring

Volcanic systems have always been regarded as a challenging issue for earth scientists and other academic staffs. Their natural behaviour and characteristic features are so complex to assess. Since volcanic activities are very often unpredicted and uncontrollable in some cases, whilst doing volcanic hazard assessment...

Okhotsk Sea Earthquake: Russia's Seismic Activity

The Okhotsk Sea Earthquake, an Earthquake with a release of a massive amount of energy at a massive depth. This phenomenon happened in Russia in May 24th, 2013 and in this report, you will learn about this earthquake, how it happened, the aftershock, and about...

Earth Quake Resistant Steel Structure

This paper reviews recent innovations that expand the range of applicability of a number of new and emerging structural steel system that can provide effective seismic performance. Focus is the following recent development some of them are as follow and going to be discussed here....

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