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The Highlights of Some of the Best Kinesiology Tapes

Whether you are a runner, skater, baller or involved in any form of athletics, a kinesiology tape is your ticket to less painful joints and muscles. The sports tape is used by professional athletes to support their muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. The tape is...

Skills That Student Needed to Learn Kinesiology

Writing is one of the most necessary skills we need as we grow up. When we look around, I can say that every career that we look into will require some type of literature knowledge. Depending on which career, the depth of its knowledge and...

What is Kinesiology and Why Study a Kinesiology Degree

Kinesiology is the logical investigation of human or non-human body development. Kinesiology tends to physiological, biomechanical, and mental powerful standards and components of development. Uses of kinesiology to human wellbeing include: biomechanics and orthopedics; quality and molding; sport brain research; strategies for recovery, for example,...

Chronicling the Use of Equine Kinesiology Tape in Competition

Equine Kinesiology Tape Kinesio tape was first used to treat humans for athletic injuries and therapeutic rehabilitation ( Its first “public debut” was during the 2012 summer Olympics (, however over the course of the last few years, horse owners everywhere began applying it to...

Foundations Of Kinesiology And Health Terms

Strength is “the force that a muscle can exert in one maximal effort”, which can be tested by using varies different tests (Very Well Health). One of the most popular strength test among physical therapists is the Manual Muscle-Testing test, which is when a physical...

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