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Radiographic Determination of an Upcoming Aid in Forensic Radiology

The identification technique utilizing conventional radiography is of much importance in Forensic Odontology for age and gender determination. Various radiographic images that can be used in Forensic Odontology are intraoral periapical radiographs, lateral oblique radiographs, cephalometric radiographs, panoramic radiographs and advanced imaging techniques. Recently Digital...

The Gender Discrepancy in Radiology Research

In 2015, a study presented at the ACR (American College of Radiology) on women in radiology found that since 2004, women consistently made up 25% of US radiology residency programs, while 50% of medical students are women. One of the reasons behind these percentages is...

Forensic Radiology and the Physiology of Sinuses

Forensic medicine generally covers a heterogeneous group of various disciplines or subspecialties sharing a common interest. The application of specialized scientific and/or technical knowledge aim is to aid in civil and criminal law. Among those disciplines, forensic radiology is a specialized area of medical imaging...

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