The Reasons Why I Want To Be A Radiologic Technologist

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The Reasons Why I Want To Be A Radiologic Technologist essay
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Do you know what the “x” in x-ray stands for? The x actually means “unknown”, the discoverer of the x-ray was a mathematician and wasn’t completely sure how the x-rays would be used. Rightfully so, he named it x-strahlen, “stralen” is German for “ray” or “beam”. Obviously, we know how crucial x-rays have been, and how they have changed the medical field. In the medical field today an “x-ray” is one of many machines a radiologist must be able to use. This is a great career, but before becoming a radiologist one must consider several things. If an individual is choosing to be in radiography they should know the education requirements, salary, future prospects, and the job description. Why do you want to be a radiologic technologist?

To start, an individual that wants to be a radiology technologist needs to first attend a two- year degree in a program. The individual can attend any school that offers them to get their associate of science. They could go to a university, community college, or a hospital. When working for a hospital most of them will pay for it. Depending on what school they decided to go to will know whether they have to take the first level of college courses before they could go into the program or if they could go straight into the program. Most colleges will make them take basic classes like medical terminology or anatomy and physiology. Once they graduate from their two-year degree with their Associate of Science, they will to take a state exam and get certified with there AART license once they pass. If the individual wants to extend their schooling they could go from their radiologist assistant. This position is a new position that most people don’t know about. This job will put them into the middle of a radiologist physician and a radiologic technologist. This job will better them because it provides a better role. This program typically takes about four years or higher.

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In addition, an individual's salary for Radiology technologists ranges between $35,000 to $55,000 a year. The average pay for radiology technologists is $45,000. The reason why they pay varies so much is because depending on the knowledge or experience one should have they will pay a little more. Now if radiologic technologists work with one specific area their salary could increase between $60,000 to $70,000 a year. For example, if radiologic technologist works as an ultrasound tech they could make about $60,000 to $70,000. Radiologic techs not only get paid well, but full-time associates have great benefits, paid time off, sick time, and health insurance. This opportunity gives them depending on who they work for, two to four weeks off throughout the year paid. Not only that, but your benefits and retirement working in the medical field benefit the individual greatly.

Furthermore, the medical field is growing extremely fast. The medical field is one of the highest growing industries that will always also be one of the best careers to have. There are over a quarter million people that have jobs as a radiologic technologist, which is increasing dramatically. A radiologic technologist is one of the highest needed healthcare jobs. According to the American Hospital Association, there was a fifteen perfect of job openings that were difficult to find people in that profession. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists has gone down in the past couple of years. Radiologic techs have one of the oldest ages working in the health profession. Twenty percent of radiologic techs are older than 50. Moreover, Radiologic techs will grow in the field which will make a better and new opportunity. The US Medicare population expects over 140 percent increase by 2020, which will open up even more job opportunities. Getting into the medical field is something that will always be around. Not only is it a great field to get into they are helping people and making a difference for them. There always different opportunities that they will learn from whether it’s a new procedure or meeting, different people. For Example, they could meet all different nationalities, whether it would be Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, etc. It’s something that will always be around. Radiologic Technologist is the third largest healthcare group.

Lastly, being a Radiologic Technologist consists of job duties such as setting up equipment, operating the machinery, asking if the patient several questions, and also helping the elderly in the hospital. When setting up the equipment they need to know what part of the body is injured, whether it would be their neck or their leg. It's important to know where on the body, that will help them set up the equipment properly. Radiologic Techs then need to know how to operate the machinery safely. When operating machinery they will position the device in the correct spot and hide behind a window to take the patients picture. The Radiologic Technologist needs to know how to operate because the images that are being taken will then be sent over to the doctor's office so the doctor can diagnose the patient. It's also important for radiologic technologist to know the risks of the machine and they need to go over these risks with the patient. The procedures can change when a patient is pregnant because many times they should not even be allowed to be around radiation. If a patient is pregnant around radiation it can cause a birth defect or miscarriage on the baby. That is why it's important the Radiologic Tech needs to make sure is done. Radiologic Techs also need to help the elderly. Radiologic Techs need to be able to lift the elderly if they can’t help themselves up. They need to know the proper ways of moving them. For example, the Tech needs to know feet hip-width apart and to lift slowly using their legs, not their arms.

In conclusion, when someone decides to be in the medical field there are many positions to consider, however, the opportunities that are available for those who want to be radiologists are great. Before someone decides to enter into this position there are many things to consider. This position requires an individual who is a hard worker and determined to help others. They will need to set aside the time to go to college and complete the education requirements, understand the average salary for a radiologist, how is the demand for radiologist within the medical field, and what the day to day tasks of a radiologist consists of. 

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Introduction Clarity: Provide a clear introductory statement that introduces the topic of becoming a radiologic technologist and its significance. Emotional and Ethical Considerations: Discuss the emotional challenges and ethical responsibilities associated with working in the medical field, specifically as a radiologic technologist. Illustrative Examples: Incorporate specific examples or scenarios to illustrate the day-to-day tasks and challenges faced by radiologic technologists. Personal Perspective: Include a brief personal reflection or anecdote that connects the writer's perspective to the topic and highlights its impact. Conclusion Impact: Conclude by summarizing the key points of the essay and reinforcing the idea that becoming a radiologic technologist requires a strong commitment to helping others in the medical field.
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