Essay Samples on Art in Architecture

German Identity Ingrained in Goethe's Architecture

Christianity began to gain momentum in Europe as the main religion. This called for the European lifestyles to match the momentum created. Buildings had to be bigger, larger, and taller than ever before. This required new architectural techniques in order to fulfill the new demand…

A Theoretical Framework Deconstructivism’ In Architecture

In this research paper, I will critically analyze the architectural theme of ‘deconstructivism’ through its spatial, formal, tectonic, philosophical and other broad contextual (social, political, cultural, technological) characteristics and establish a theoretical framework. I will then proceed to evaluate an international and a South African…

Power & Public Sculptures

Since antiquity, the construction of monuments has realized mans need to solidify evidence of prosperity, power or success- in fine and indestructible materials. Where many cities grow and evolve in contentious political environments – transitioning from a colonial to a post-colonial state, aspects of urban…

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