National Mosque of Kuala Lumpur

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The exterior of the national mosque was spectacular with its clean and white exterior, giving us a sense of purity. Furthermore, some of the façades had the organic pattern. When we reached there, the most eye-catching parts of the mosque was the blue glazing roof, or the dome, as its colour contrast to the rest of the building. The shape of the roof was like a half-open umbrella, which the roof has the pleated designed structure. After that was the tall minaret. Just like the roof, it was topped with an umbrella shape but it was a folded umbrella design.

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All of the entrances have a large staircases leads to the main hall located at the upper floor. It feels like leading us nearer to the God. The courtyard has a lot of fountains and pools, but sadly, all of the fountains and pool were not operating when we went there. Addition of that, the layout of the courtyard was in organic manner such as the fountains have the organic shape. All of the fountains were made of concrete with some of them had ceramic tiles on it. The floor of the courtyard was not tar road but pebbles flooring which increase the aesthetic value of the mosque. Overall, the general atmosphere at the mosque was relax and harmony.


The interior of the mosque was impressive as the outside. As we walking towards the main hall, we can see the special part of the ceiling as it was a series of triangular prisms shape in a linear form. Besides, the tall minaret was placed in a middle of the pool. The floor tiles were made in marble and had two colours, black and white. The floors seemed have not been polished for some period, but it still shiny as it reflect the daylight. On top of the ceiling has clear openings, plus the space was completely open, providing natural lighting to the space. Generally, everything was so pristine and clean.

In front of the prayer hall has a lot of concrete columns which design in a grid form. Most of them were covered by white mosaic tiles, with golden mosaic tiles at the top and the bottom of the columns. Inside the prayer hall was a total different view as the outside, it was just absolutely amazing! Unlike the pale white exterior, inside the hall was colourful. The colourful stained glass, overhang lighting and the massive space for the prayers to pray, giving us astounding visual effect, yet the atmosphere was calm and harmony.

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