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The Economy of Democracy: Preserving Africa's Autonomy

Abstract Economies and regulations are so intertwined, a debate on which follows the other is most likely to go infinitely low income countries in Africa are heavily borrowing in a bid to develop sustainable economies. Borrowing and assistance to countries promote diplomatic ties and propel...

The Depiction of Harmful Effects of Ebola Virus in The Hot Zone

The author is informing the audience that the virus is continuously taking over his body little by little. He was to the point where he couldn’t drive, and his co-workers had to take him to the hospital. This shows the audience/readers how bad the virus...

The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Wildlife Conservation in Africa

Economic growth “is how much of goods/services are consumed by one person in a particular population size over a period of time”. Economic growth has an inverse link with wildlife or nature conservation which is “the protection of animal species and their homes” because it...

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