Essay Samples on Japan

History and Culture of Ancient China and Japan

Ancient and Medieval China and Japan had multiple cultural aspects in their history such as the political, social and economic structures. For instance, Chinese Dynasties brought forth new ideas like Confucianism, Daoism, and some ideas of Legalism. New trade routes were formed along with a…

Fukuzawa Yukichi: The Founder of Modern Japan

Modernity has become an ultimate goal of all nations as it symbolized the highest level that human intelligence can be attained. In this research paper, I am going to demonstrate Fukuzawa Yukichi’s view on modernity according to three aspects, his view of the modern world,…

How Fukuzawa Yukichi's Travels Changed Japan

During two periods within the last century and a half, Japan has been governed by an extraordinary generation of leaders whose choices brought their citizens prosperity and their country the recognition of the world. They were the Meiji Government, which transformed Japan in the late…

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