Essay Samples on Hong Kong

Sexual Health Issues and Their Remedies in Hong Kong

Adolescents have always been a matter of public concern as they’ll become the pillar of society. Regardless of background, ability, and belief, they have healthy bodies and minds and develop mature interpersonal relationships. They strive to pursue their ideals and exert their strengths in their...

The Shortage of Organ Donors in Hong Kong

Background Hong Kong organ transplants are the same as in other countries and regions, with thousands of people waiting every day for organ transplants. Living death and donation of the body are the main ways of organ donation. Unlike other countries and regions, there is...

The Hong Kong's Political Game: Conquering the Independence

In 1997, Britain handed over Hong Kong to China, under the agreement that it would still remain semi-autonomous. The agreement allowed for some democratic freedoms to be maintained such as the right to vote, freedom of speech and of the press. However, these allowances opposes...

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