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Venezuela and Northern Caribbean Coast in Latin America

Venezuela is u. s. placed at the northern cease of South America and It occupies a roughly triangular region that is large than the combined areas of France and Germany. Venezuela, like many Latin American countries, has an excessive percentage of city poverty, a large...

Problems With Venezuelan Government And Their Chronology

Description of issue Venezuela is currently in the middle of a massive political and economic crisis. There has been hyperinflation with increases in disease, crime, hunger, deaths and massive amounts of people have been emigrating out of Venezuela. Economists from The Economist and the New...

The Age Structure of the Population in Venezuela

The statistics indicates the age structure in Venezuela from 2007 to 2017. As we can see from the graph, average of 27% people is from the age of 0-14 and an average of 65% are from the age of 15-65 and approximately 5.50% are of...

The Issue of High Crime Rates in Venezuela

“Do not travel to Venezuela due to crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, kidnapping, and arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens.” (National Travel Advisory) Venezuela is known to have the highest crime rate in the world, and for years it has been considered one...

An Overview of the Venezuela's Economic System and Population Statistics

Venezuela is a country that consists of 353,841 square miles of land. Its absolute location is 6.4238° N, 66.5897° W. The north side of Venezuela is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. This country is separated into regions and some examples of distinct regions are the...

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