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The Concept of High and Middle Social Classes in Chicago

The concept of social class becomes significant when analyzing Walley’s book on postindustrial Chicago as it provides insight on her depictions of working- class neighbourhoods through the issues related to labour, the process of deindustrialization and its consequences (Walley, 2013). In the United States, people...

Homicide in Chicago: Statistics and Causes

The pattern of Homicide in Chicago from 1990 to now has decreased but has had a sudden increase in 2016. Murder rates were at its highest in the 1990s at about 30-35 homicides per 100,000 residents. Since then Chicago has had a sudden decline and...

The Great Chicago Fire: The Most Horrible Fire in Chicago

The most catastrophic event in Chicago history happened on the night of October 8, 1871, when a fire broke out in the city's northwest side. A series of human and natural events caused it to spread out of control and two days later the city...

Ways to Reduce the Crime Rate in Chicago

Purpose and statement of problem Chicago violent crimes is almost at 30-year low but even though its going down the rate of violence is still shocking to people. 433 people were murdered in Chicago in 2011. This rate was double-double-triple to cities such as New...

The Great Inventions Made in Chicago

Reaper McCormick’s reaper was the first in a series of inventions that would help put Chicago front-and-center during the 19th century. His “Mechanical Man” (as it came to be called) reduced the work involved in harvesting wheat crops, which in turn increased the amount of...

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