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Colombia: A Politically Stable Country

Generally, Colombia is a politically stable country. For years, the Colombian government has been trying to combat terrorist groups in Colombia. In 2016, it signed a peace deal with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country’s largest guerilla group, ending the 52 years conflict....

Evolution of Education in Europe and the Current State of Colombian Education

Introduction The purpose of this project, is bring some data and information of the changes that the education has been have in the last years, how does those changes affect the society in general terms and the differences in the education from the European countries...

Implementation of Modernization and Progress in Colombia and Mexico

In both Colombia and Mexico, various initiatives were put in place which backfired and damaged the quality of life of the citizens by the hand of the state. Specifically, urban renewal projects and privatization of public utilities were the main contributors in this decline. Urban...

International Trade and Relations Policy in Colombia

In this paper, I will discuss the International political economy of Colombia and its historical events like trades, war, and debt crisis. The theme of this paper will be focused around International Finance like the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Funds, and International Bank for...

Evaluation of the Success of the Plan Colombia

Plan Colombia aimed to rescue the Colombian economy. The US foreign aid program for Colombia has been compared to the Marshall Plan in its “scale relative to the beneficiary’s size” (Mendez 2017, p.2). Firstly, this essay with outline the history of Plan Colombia and its...

Implementation of Social Theory in Colombian Coffee Market

Introduction The global coffee market today is indeed a complex and volatile system. For the most part, the coffee economy is influenced by a capitalistic structure. The coffee production is a precarious business, success in the industry depends on whether the actors involved can overcome...

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