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Types of Assault, Assault in Florida and Statistics

There are two kinds of assault: aggravated and simple. Aggravated assault is an unlawful assault on someone else to cause serious physical damage. It is normally called aggravated when it incorporates the utilization of a weapon or some different implies that could make passing or...

The Holy Land Experience in Spectacularized Jerusalem

The Holy Land Experience, located in Orlando, Florida, is described by Annabel Wharton as a spectacle, comparing it to theme-parks like Disneyland (Wharton, p. 191). The Holy Land Experience contains reconstructions of some of the holiest sites mentioned in the bible from Jerusalem (Wharton, p....

Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practitioners in Florida

Introduction In Florida, the Full Practice Authority (FPA) is currently not an option for advanced practitioners (APNs), as it covers nearly half of the United States. Previous legislation to allow FPA in Florida has been introduced, but no FPA legislation has yet been passed. This...

Our Spring Break Vacations In Florida

Every year, toward the beginning, my family always start to plan what we will be doing for spring break and where we will be spending it. Somehow we always choose Florida. I’m not sure if it’s because they live close enough to drive there or...

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