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Legends About the Disappearances in Bermuda Triangle and Alaska

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Mysterious disappearances, planes vanishing into thin air, boats lost at sea… - While we are still trying to figure out the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, another one has emerged. - Yes folks, as it turns out, the Bermuda Triangle has a partner in crime...

Report on the Direct Correlation of Climate Change with Increased Alaskan Wildfires

“Jane Wolken is a boreal forest ecologist working as program coordinator of the Alaska Climate Adaption Science Center within the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.” Wolken describes in her recent article, the increase in wildfires is due largely to changes...

Environmental Concerns About the Single-Use Plastics

Environmental concerns have now more than ever been at the forefront of social and political consciousness. With the clock ticking on an exponentially growing and dangerous catastrophe, now is the time to be vigilant about the solutions put in effect to counteract this rapid degradation....

Report on the Crude Oil Production in the U.S.

Production of crude oil define as a blend of hydrocarbons that exists in fluid stage in common underground repositories and stays fluid at barometrically weight in the wake of going through surface isolating offices. Contingent on the qualities of the unrefined stream, it might likewise...

The Cultural and Geographical Connections Between California and Alaska

In America, there are 52 recognized states. 50 on the mainland and two disconnected this means that there are many cultural differences in the states, but culture isn’t bound by the states. Culture can be spread further out into a certain region or even affect...

Into The Wild: Courage to Search For True Happiness

Venturing off into nature can help find a sense of true meaning of who someone is and belonging in life. However, it is the environment nature that unfortunately takes his life. Towards the end of his life, McCandless discovers what he never realized before. He...

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