Essay Samples on Asia

Reasons Behind the Silent Crisis in Dubai

Dubai is currently experiencing a silent crisis: real estate prices have fallen and the turnover of its ‘malls’, the gigantic shopping centers, has also fallen. Whose fault is it ? Qataris who do not come to spend their money in Dubai anymore. But the Qataris…

Concerns Over Dengue Fever Endemic in Malaysia

The World Health Organization (2019), provides the advice and evidence needed for people to lead a healthy life. Good health requires commitment in a society. Therefore, we need to take steps to promote and protect health. These include being more active, eating healthy foods and…

Examination of Copper: Definition and Origin

Copper is a soft pure reddish-orange metal first found in Mesopotamians, around 6000 years ago. Its price is often viewed as one of the early indicators economic health. The demand for the metal grew 3 percent in China in 2018 with growing investment in the…

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