Essay Samples on Asia

Should Voting In India Be Mandatory And Why

Voting is not just a right, it is also a responsibility. People who vote during the elections in India represent just a percentage of the total population.So should voting in India be mandatory or not? Voting should be made compulsory so that the leaders who...

Songkhla and Penang: Two Aspects in Two Different Cities

Songkhla is a province of southern Thailand, whereas Penang is a state in northern Malaysia. Although there is a border between Thailand and Malaysia nowadays, southern Thailand and Malaysia had been in the same kingdom before the colonial separated them and brought cultural diversity to...

Communal Harmony in India: Main Concepts

India is a very large country: It is a land of different religions. languages, manners, communities and cultures. But in the midst of these diversities and differences, there is the bond of unity. Unfortunately, these differences are exploited by the interested parties. Communal hatred and...

Agrarian System of Early Medieval India and the Feudalism Debate

By looking at the recent historiography, a paradigm shift can be seen in the understanding of the historical change in the subcontinent, which was introduced by the Marxist interpretations that began as historical debates in the post 1950s time period. This ideology initiated and intensified...

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