Environmental Adaptation Challenges in Developing Asian Countries

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Economics and the environment have a close relationship to each other. Especially in Asia where there is some arguments about whether they should prioritize economic development for the present, and address the cost of environmental damage in the future. However this essay will show that Asia should take care of economic development along with environment protection. There are some argument below can clear your mind about this orientation. First argument is air and water pollution. The second is natural supply exhaustion. The next viewpoint is rising of sea level. Opposite argument which have been met is this actually cause tough adaption to developing countries. However Asia citizen gradually gain more trust to eco-friendly products. Finally a strong point is made that this can attract potential employees especially Gen Z.

Nowadays many Asia countries set the target to develop economics. This can be a result of America policy influence after World War II. Asia government usually prioritize their financial benefit to keep up with other great nations. As a result environmental damage is easily forgot by their greedy.

Contaminated air and water are destroy human health seriously. OECD’s (2012) research suggest that pollution, mostly water and air pollution is responsible for millions of deaths every year. According to World Health Organization, air pollution caused premature death for about 4.2 million people in the world in 2016. Of which, 91% of the proportion belongs to poor and populous countries in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. Emission from factories and enterprises freely blow into the air and damage our fresh atmosphere. Oil spill from several ships will take away our clean water forever. It’s high time for Asia to realize their disinterested actions and stop it now.

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Excessively exploitation will lead to natural supply exhaustion. With the lack of natural material, some business find it hard to meet the need of consumers. Among the standout findings are that exploitable fisheries in the world’s most populous region – the Asia-Pacific – are on course to decline to zero by 2048; that freshwater availability in the Americas has halved since the 1950s and that 42% of land species in Europe have declined in the past decade. (Rin, 2019) Economic development is also affected by this over-exploitation. Since this problem become more popular, Asian need to have a right perception from this emergency problem or they will have nothing but chemical food and artificial natural.

Furthermore if we don’t address this problem right now, everything will disappear in high sea level. Asia will have flood more often, according to research by Richard Betts (2017), head of climate impacts at the Met Office Hadley Centre, because the hotter atmosphere will produce more intense monsoons, violent storms and extreme rainfall. Sea level will increase due to the melting ice which is a result of greenhouse effect. Not just about human safety, it also affect on animal habitat. Polar bears are innocent patients because of Asian’s wrong behavior. There is a video made by photographer Paul Nicklen and filmmakers from conservation group Sea Legacy, they came across a heartbreaking sight: a starving polar bear on its deathbed. In this video Asia viewers feel sorry and guilty about the greenhouse effect however, there are not any specific action to deal with. This is a harsh reality and Asian still not recognize its consequence.

On the other hand Asian poor countries will meet many restrictions in their ancient working habit with environmental protection policies. A purely green economy approach is increasingly viewed as misguided, including by Chinese legislators. (World Bank, 2013) Their living standard decrease as many developing countries have to maintain their level of growth in recent years. Adaption is even harder for many poor countries in Asia such as: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc. The reason for these negative affairs are government budget that is not always available to satisfy the eco-friendly strategies in those countries.

Nevertheless Asia customers actually gain more trust in companies which have well paid, say no with pollution as well as taking friendly environmental actions. Impact investing is marked by an intentional desire to contribute to measurable social or environmental benefit. (The GIIN, 2019). Through friendly environment message, Asia consumers usually change their look of any particular product. They have an eternal mindset that professional business is a business paying attention to society as well as environmental damage solving. As a result, an environmental impact from a companies can balance their profit and environmental protection.

Asia’ new generation also have a stable and strong viewpoint that companies should behave ethically to environment. The rise in the percentage of respondents aged 15 – 20, also known as Generation Z, who are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact was also strong—up from 55% in 2014 to 72% in 2015. (Openwell, 2016) Profit is a perfect dream but it become nonsense to human habitat. An Earth Day is not enough for their wish in environmental caring. They believe that positive environmental impact is the core point for recent generation rather than any marketing trend. For this reason Asia should have an positive environmental impact to win Gen Z heart.

In conclusion, Asia should address environmental issues carefully along with economic development. The environment tragedy alarm clock is ringing and it will stop if everyone does not take any effective action. Asia is the largest continent in the world, this will create a huge impact on environment. The main arguments are given that is air and water contamination, natural exploitation exhaustion, rising of sea level. Although poor countries find it extremely difficult to adapt this strategies, eco-friendly attraction and profit can come along if they can maintain this orientation well. Asia is one of the main reasons for this circumstance due to its large area. Therefore in my point of view Asia should immediately make specific policies to handle environment damage and economic development together.

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