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Analysis of the Advantages of Asian Economy and How It Can Be Applied to Belgium

About ASEAN We’ve have spoken about this topic multiple times during Asian Business classes. An organization that unifies the Southern part of Asia. ASEAN was discovered on August 8th 1967 in Thailand. The main finders of this organization is Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and of course...

The Morality of Physician Assisted Suicide in Belgium

The assignment reflects in fact that although there is no such thing like death penalty in Belgium but there is a rule allowing physician assisted suicide. So, current assignment focusses on the issue whether it is ethical to give a person such a assisted suicide...

Coca Cola Beverage Sector in Belgium

Introduction The job vacancy which I am about to apply is a sales representative job specifically for events, nightlife and sports for Coca Cola European Partners Company after I am graduated. Coca cola is already active in Belgium for almost 91 years and continues to...

The Issue Of Substance Abuse In Belgium

“You know you’re an addict when you misplace things … like a decade. ” - Paul Williams There are naysayers, around the world, who believe that a global fight against illegal substances is unwinnable. The delegate of Belgium says emphatically that they are wrong. United...

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