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Role of International Law in Third World Countries

As discussed earlier, due to many factors, the States in the Third World have great differences with respect of their thoughts and practice. While having different interests in different areas, their attitudes towards international law can hardly balance on all the points. This is evident...

The Influence of Third World Filmmaking on Afrikan Cinema

The decolonization of Africa span over several decades leaving South Africa one of the last countries to gain its independence. African cinema reflected Third World ideologies by mimicking the opposition to colonial oppression through their films. However, African cinema sought to distinguish itself from other...

Women’s Labor Force In The Developing World

The recognition that the majority of women’s labor force in the developing world is not only an understated concept, but is also one that is often disregarded, has been well-established across sociological discourse. As such, many feminist theoretical works have interrogated development policies and offered...

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