Essay Samples on Vietnam

Impacts of The Vietnam War in Vietnam

After international criticism, the newly elected president Nixon finally renounced first use of lethal chemicals in November 1969. But that didn’t involve the use of napalm on military targets. The American military has never again used chemicals as extensively as it did in Vietnam. But…

Effects of Reality Television in Vietnam

Abstract Due to the development of technology, reality television becomes more and more popular and has many impacts on society. Based on different research, this paper describes this effects. In particular, there are two main contents mentioned in the paper, including positive and negative effects…

Repaying the Vietnam War Veterans for Their Bravery

A relative who served in the Vietnam War informed me, “when [his brothers] got out of the service, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress) wasn’t even recognized at that time. And my brother had issues, and they locked him up in the institution,” (Hooyman). In Vietnam, PTSD, a…

The Increase of Corruption in Vietnam

Introduction These days, corruption is the globally complicated issue which occurs in both developing and developed countries. People have tendency to profit due to office power, high-ranking position in society. In particular, from the middle of the twentieth century, corruption emerged as a malignant disease…

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