Essay Samples on China

The Growing Influence and Power of China

China is undoubtedly one of the most rising countries in the last decade, its economy is currently in second place behind America and is predicted to soon overtake that of America. However, despite gaining hard power how does China hold up regarding soft power? Soft…

The Possible Impacts of Costco's Expansion in China

Introduction Costco Wholesale Corporation ( trading as Costco) is an American retail corporation which operates an international chain of membership-only warehouses. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, the success of the retail giant depends on ‘quality and quantity at the lowest possible price’. This report will…

The Consequences of Urbanization in China

Introduction This essay will examine urbanization in China by starting with a brief background of urbanization in Asia, specifically comparing it with Western countries. Then, we will focus on three specific issues – air pollution, public transit and “left-behind” children and elderly people – that…

The Silk Road: Impact of Historical Processes on Present Day

The author of this study has explored how Central Asia played a major role in the prehistoric appearance of the Silk Road and its dispersal of foods through processes similar to modern globalization. The central question being explored asks how humanity has manipulated ecosystems so…

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