Panda Conservation Groups In China

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I choose this topic about the Conserving panda in china because there only about 1600 pandas around the world, because of in the southwestern part of china are separated, causing panda to spread in patches, there cannot come to exchange DNA and another reason is that pandas are animals that have low sexual desire, that why this reason is making them start to become extinct.

Giant panda is a group of Chinese animals, The area where giant pandas like to live is thick bamboo forest areas. Cold and pleasant, The pattern of the body of the panda is white, except the ears around the eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs and shoulders are black. When fully grown, Panda will reach about 70-80 cm and weigh as high as 100-150 kg. Male pandas are larger than females. The main food of the panda is “Bamboo”, Breeding of giant pandas Occurs at the age of 4-5 years between March and May But the difficult problem is The pandas have an average breeding requirement of only 2-3 days per year. These are one of the main reasons that the pandas’ population increase is slow.

The panda around the world is less than two thousand. Especially in China Panda is very low. China therefore has panda conservation. With project name called “Panda conservation in Chengdu in china”. These project focus here on protecting and building a safe environment. There are only 1,600 left and they are listed as the most endangered species in the world, making this experience a true once in a lifetime opportunity. The focus here is on protecting and building a safe environment. The Project is located near the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Leshan Giant Buddha.

Panda is a rare animal and endangered animal. The reason is from the nature of it that is mixed together once a year. And because the changing environment is more polluted, the more difficult that panda will breed, Therefore, pandas raised in various zoos will have to check the time of mixing and more effective is artificial insemination of panda, Another reason for pandas extinct is that people are hurting. there Hunting to make clothes and accessories. that why We should pay attention to the conservation of panda.

Why do we have to conserve endangered species like giant panda, Because panda is one of the threatened endangered animals Hunt, there take Panda veer to make clothes or make jewelry, So by saving pandas, we will also be saving so much more. We will be helping to protect not only these unique forests but also the wealth of species that live in them, such as dwarf blue sheep and beautiful multi-coloured pheasants. that why this is the reason that Panda will get extinction, We should preserve the panda for the world’s ecosystem.

To encourage everyone to conserve the extinct animal especially pandas, Because panda is a cute animal Panda doesn’t like fighting, but when Panda doesn’t like each other, panda will get far away from enemies. panda also make money for tourism.

Panda is becoming extinct, So we need to do apart to conserve Panda. We have to help the panda to mix more by inseminating or giving time Let the male and female pandas live together for breed. Do not go around or force the panda when it is mixed. In my opinion i conclude that The reason for the extinct of panda is because pandas breed together only 1-2 times per year and Panda is threatened to make clothes and jewelry for some group of people.

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