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Rattus Norvegicus and Its Usage as a Model Organism

Introduction Rattus norvegicus is one of the commonly known muroids, this rat is also called brown rat, Norwegian rat etc. The mid-1500s was when it reached Europe and around 1750 it reached North American. This rodent coat color is brown or grey with its body...

Animal Diseases, Their Symptoms and Cell Structures

Bacteria Structures and Function The cell wall protects the structure and provides support for the bacteria, in a spirochete the cell wall is thin. The membrane is a semipermeable barrier and they don’t have a waterproof membrane.The flagellum is covered by the cell's plasma membrane,...

The D. Melanogaster Gene Scarlet, Its Associated Phenotypic Characteristics

Introduction For most of the past century, D. melanogaster has been studied extensively not just to increase our knowledge of its anatomy and physiology but also to establish biological principles that can be applied in many other instances (Roberts 2006). D. melanogaster has become a...

Informative Speech Outline: Bioluminescence And Its Potential Uses

Introduction Attention Getter: As you all probably already know, Thomas Edison was the man who was credited with the invention of the light bulb. But did it ever occur to you that there are organisms out there with an inner light bulb of their own?...

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