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The Process Of Photosynthesis Of The Invasive Species

‘The spatial patterning, structure, and functioning of most of the ecosystems of the world have been altered by the activities of humankind’ (Mooney and Cleland). Essentially, each individual ecosystem holds a fragile place in the world and must maintain a perfect balance with today’s society....

Invasive Species: The Types Of Species In Synthesis

Invasive species can be described as any living organism, that overtakes a foreign area. They are not native to the ecosystem and can potentially cause harm. Some examples include, plants, fungi, insects, or amphibians. In relation to the Humber River field trip, the issue of...

The Colored Effect On Photosynthesis

Abstract Photosynthesis plays a big role in the environment in everyday life. This experiment was done to see if an environmental factor affected the rate of photosynthesis. Scenedesmus obliquus algal beads were used as the primary source to receive photosynthesis. For this experiment, two different...

The Effects Of Colored Light On Photosynthesis

Introduction Photosynthesis is the process in which energy from sunlight is converted into chemical energy or simple carbohydrate. This chemical energy is the base for all food chains and its byproduct of oxygen provides a habitable environment for all living things on Earth. The process...

Photosynthesis as an Essential to Life

Abstract The purpose of this experiment is to gain insight about how photosynthesis occurs and when the process of photosynthesis is the most efficient. The hypothesis being tested in this experiment is: if the light is greater than 5000 Lux, then the rate of photosynthesis...

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